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North Cedar Academy

North Cedar Academy

North Cedar Academy is a university preparatory US high school offering all high school courses leading to a US accredited high school diploma. We are also partners with the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire which allows our students to complete up to 2 years (over 60 credits) of university course-work while still enrolled at NCA ! NCA pays for the first year of university credits so NCA families save the cost of one year of university study and are guaranteed admission to UWEC.

We are a university preparatory US High School offering all courses that lead to our high school diploma

University Pathway Program Options

Our most unique offerings, the University Pathway Programs, allow qualifying students in grades 11 and 12 the opportunity to earn their Associate of Arts & Science degree (or up to 60 university credits) while still in high school. University Pathway Program students are also guaranteed admission to the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and the University of Minnesota – Duluth after graduation.

EFL/ESL Support

Are you a beginner, fluent, or somewhere in between? In addition to our high school diploma, we offer multi-level EFL/ESL courses, which run alongside our high school curriculum. In this way, our students can receive the necessary English support to achieve their graduation requirements and post-secondary goals. Newly enrolled students’ English abilities are scored upon their arrival.

Small, Safe Campus

We are situated on 96-acres overlooking the Flambeau River and proudly boast about the safety of NCA campus and the local community as a whole. Ladysmith (the largest “city” in Rusk County, Wisconsin) has a population of 3,100 and a crime rate that is 75% below the national average. While Ladysmith may be considered small, it is very close to larger cities that we visit for recreation and shopping.

NCA teachers serve as mentors, guides, and role models who nurture each student’s potential and ignite his/her passion for self-discovery and self-directed learning. Our resident assistants provide round-the-clock care and services for students, plan and orchestrate many extracurricular learning and engagement opportunities, and staff our dormitory, ensuring a safe, warm, and harmonious home away from home. Finally, with the firmly held belief that parents and guardians play a critical role in their child’s social, emotional, and academic development, we commit to openness, transparency, and keeping them engaged in all aspects of the educational process.

A Message from Our Headmaster & Executive Director

Warm greetings from North Cedar Academy (NCA). As Headmaster and Executive Director, I am pleased to welcome you to our community, and it is my privilege to introduce you to our high school, an institution intentionally designed to shape academic journeys and foster personal growth.

NCA is a world-class international boarding high school in rural Northern Wisconsin, USA. Our 96-acre campus sprawls on the banks of the scenic and historic Flambeau River in one of the most picturesque regions of the American Midwest. Among our many attributes and advantages, we pride ourselves on our devotion to natural and environmental serenity. Boasting four distinctly beautiful seasons, the town of Ladysmith (population 3,100) is located in one of the safest regions of the United States and provides an idyllic backdrop for our students’ stress-free academic, social, and emotional development.

I like to describe NCA as a hub of diverse cultures, talents, and ideas wherein we work hard to cultivate an environment of respectful understanding and exchange. It is in this setting that we encourage students to embark upon a personal academic journey, embracing opportunities for growth and self-investigation.

To enrich our students’ pursuit of these goals, NCA provides a wraparound educational experience that balances emergent philosophical or theoretical frameworks with time-tested and results-driven traditional pedagogical techniques. Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to empowering students to become well-rounded individuals who excel in academics and develop and demonstrate the strong values, character, leadership, and personal responsibility skills they will need to stand out in college and the workplace.

We offer a comprehensive and holistic educational experience that prepares students to thrive in a dynamic global society, and we do so in a classical, organic learning environment that values the power of fresh air and green space. To further ensure the accomplishment of these goals, we commit to engaging three critical groups of stakeholders: teachers, resident assistants (and other support staff), and parents.

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