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322/25 Asoke-Dindaeng Road, Dindaeng, Dindaeng Bangkok 10400




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"Torch Education Torch Education, a new blood in the education agency fields in Thailand, is one of the best counselling companies that you could find when it comes to anything concerning overseas education. Torch team is founded and led by well-rounded professionals with direct educational experience from world leading universities from all over the world. We have a strong team consisting of international individual counselors, representatives from high-ranking educational organizations, and former-students from Torch who are experts in life advices. Our main goal is to initiate and intensify the “knowledge, skills, and attitudes” of our students aiming for the advancement of human resources in the international level. We are more than happy to take care of your well-being. It is our principle to provide “the best clear-cut and sincere service” for our dear students. On Being Clear-cut The simple yet strong foundation in studying abroad is an advice based on credible and up-to-date information. The aim here is to help our students create genuine objectives of their future and dream before pairing those goals with appropriate programs from leading universities. Another thing we always have in mind is to give professional advices about current and future job market trends and the coherence between the students’ academic needs and their future career paths. We also give our dear students practical advice about smart investment coordinating with current situation, focusing the most on educational investment. Individuals’ talents and abilities are the main foundation to each person’s success.Considering all choices and probabilities, clear-cut and reliable information is indeed very crucial to our students’ roads to success. And Torch Education can give you just that. On Being Sincere Our counselling service is derived from training courses from world-renowned companies using the technique called “Coaching and Mentoring”. We always do our best holding above everything the benefits of our students. Of course, there are also the follow-up service after our students’ departure through social networking applications. We are trying to do everything we can to make sure our students’ lives in foreign lands are comfortable ones. No-fee Counselling Service Counselling service for overseas education and academic life planning for students Application submitting process with chosen universities Preparation of documents and visa interview Finding and booking accommodations such as homestay, on-campus housing, off-campus housing, dormitory, apartment, sublet etc.) Pre-departure seminar available in both group and individual briefing Booking air tickets at a reasonable price for students and their guardians Other Programs at Torch International summer school programs for aspiring learners Organizing international seminar and short-courses for both public and private companies"

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