Become Partner - สมาคมไทยแนะแนวการศึกษาต่อต่างประเทศ (TIECA)

The reason you have to choose TIECA

  • TIECA provides essential information concerning education in various foreign countries for interested students that can help in selecting suitable institution and country for each individual.
  • Activities organized by TIECA including “Study Abroad Fair” which students can inquire information concerning studying abroad from TIECA members, or directly with some representatives offoreign institution.
  • Help solving problems that may arise while our students are studying abroad. TIECA member which the student is the client will help to coordinate the conversation between the student, the instition, and the parents.
  • Every member is approved after careful examination of certain requirements, and register as a juristic person with the government. Therefore, our clients can be assured of the integrity and quality of our service.