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icon chevron right doubleHistory and Background

The history of TIECA dates back to 1990 when a group of twelve educational consultants in Thailand formed an independent, self-regulating group under the name “The Educational Consultants Group of Thailand”, widely known as ECT. The main objectives of the group were to share their expertise in the field of international education and help raise standards of practice and services rendered to students and international institutions.

Over the years, more and more professionals in the field who shared the same concepts and work ethics joined the group. Seven years later, with 38 members from various areas of Bangkok and one Northern province, the group eventually became a legal entity. On 11 September 1997, the group was granted approval to become an association by the Registrar of the Ministry of Commerce, and is now known as “The Thai International Education Consultants Association” or TIECA. Currently we have 78 members actively working in the education area.

Policies and Objectives

  • To maintain a high standard of educational counseling
  • To provide students with clear and concise information on study opportunities,
    accommodation, and pre-travel preparation in a fast, efficient, and friendly manner
  • To promote the growth of overseas study in accordance with the government’s policy of
    supporting the full development of the population
  • To maintain a fast and efficient service by working closely with overseas institutions
  • To safeguard the rights and advantages of students

How TIECA Helps International Institutions

  • TIECA members are fully committed to assist their partner institutions with the following:
  • Introduction to the educational systems of the countries the students are interested in Names, addresses, and accurate details regarding the educational establishments
  • Details on courses available and costs
  • Preparation of all necessary documents and advice on visa requirements
  • English Language preparation
  • All pre-departure travel arrangements
  • General information on the destination of the students’ choice
  • Advice on the students’ rights
  • Arrangement of suitable accommodation for students
  • Advice on banking and other services
  • Arrangement of health insurance

icon chevron right double Code of Ethics


This Code of Ethics copy has been made for the association members, to use as general principles and guidelines for conducting overseas education counseling. The member must be aware of the objectives of the association and maintain its morals and ethics as an representative of an educational body and counselor for overseas education, for performing their individual duty with the responsibility to the society and the majority of the overseas education counseling business. It is an honor to be a member of the association; therefore, the member should follow these guidelines in order to conduct business in a proper manner

  • Members must know the regulations of the association, follow them seriously, and must take the principles and laws of the government as the basis.
  • Members must conduct business in a reliable manner and follow the code of ethics that the association has written as a guideline. Any misconduct on the regulations of the association might cause discipline punishment.
  • Members must have a fundamental understanding of the education industry, possess strong knowledge about the recommended institution, and know related law and regulations, such as student applications, as well as visa and immigration issues from each country.
  • Members must provide real and accurate information. Whenever information is given out at the office, at a seminar, or as advertisement, the member must avoid giving any information that might cause confusion, is unclear, or might cause misunderstandings.
  • Members must take full responsibility during counseling sessions, by properly identifying the most appropriate institution, based on the student’s needs and qualifications. The service should always be of the highest morals and standards, and include proper orientation sessions to ensure the student is well prepared and ready to travel overseas, which should also facilitate and support his studies.
  • Members must regularly participate in all activities and meetings of the association. Any decisions and agreements made at the meetings, should be fully acknowledged and implemented to guarantee cooperation between the members.
  • Members must keep all information under strict privacy regulations, and must never, under no circumstances give out any confidential data, unrelated to finding a proper institution.
  • Members must forward provide information for the association, in case it needs to collect it for international education activities. The member must also be available to assist the association’s activities if required.

icon chevron right double TIECA Board of Committees

TIECA Board of Committees 2020-2021

Ms. Siridhorn Sorntarit
Mr. Sethaphol Rutrakool
(Vice President)
Ms. Panutda Leabsuetrakool
(General Committee)
Ms. Chanidsa Khanti
Ms. Suphattra Bunsong
(Secretary General)
Mr. Somroek Wanaklang
(General Committee-Special Event)

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